Yirgacheffee Coffee​

  • Washed best highland grown coffee
  • Recognized as a district character flavor
  • Set apart for exceptional citrus and floral flavor
  • Has fine acidity and body
  • Altitude: 1770 – 2200m
  • Cup: Bright acidity, medium body
  • Raw: Uniform,thick, medium to blod, oval in in shape & compacted
  • Export: As washed grade 2

Sidamo Coffee

  • Altitude: 1550 – 2200
  • Washed and exceptional citrus and floral flavor
  •  Cup: fine acidity, medium body to spicy and citrus flavor
  •  Has small to medium sized bean, greenish-gravish in color
  • Blended for gourmet or speciality coffee
  • Export – as washed grade 2 and  Un wased grade 4

Limu Coffee

  • Washed with distinctive winery flavor
  • The bean is flatter tan other washed coffees.
  • Altitude 7400 – 2100m
  • Cup: A well balanced cup, Medium Acididty and body with distinct winey flavor.
  • It has medium sized bean and is greenish-bluish in color and mostly round in shape.

Lekempti / Gimbi Coffee

  • The bulk of Ethiopia’s natural coffee export
  • Produced in the western of the country.
  • Has full and fruity flavor.
  • The bulk of Lekempti Coffee comes from west WEllega zone.
  • Altitude – 1700 – 2200m
  • Cup – Medium to pointed acidify & medium body with a wild fruity finish.
  • Raw – Generally medium bean size & green to grayish in color.

Djimma Coffee

  • The bulk of Ethiopia’s natural coffee export
  • Often used in blends
  • Its bulk come from the Illubabour, Benchmaji & Sheka regios
  • Altitude: 1650 – 2000 m
  • cup – Light acidity, full bodied with a fruity straw flavor.
  • Raw – Medium to bold, oval and thick

Harrar Coffee

  • Famed the world for tis distinctive mocha flavor fetches some of the highest price for washed coffee in the world market. Most of its export proportions goes to middle East and Japan.
  • The distinctive long berry bean shape is increasingly hard to find but the cup remains consistently excellent
  • Altitude- 1510 -2120M
  • Raw: Thick and oval shape, medium in size, Yellow/umber in Color.
  • Cup- Medium to light acidity, full body, strong mocha flavor with blue berry notes.
  • Export –  as un washed grade 4 & 5

Tepi and Bebeka Coffee

  • Altitude: 1550 – 2200 south west of the country
  • Mostly comes from goverment owned coffee plantation of Tepi/Bebeka and a large privately owned plantation has been tarted sells its coffee as a name of Gemardro.
  • Raw – Large, thick white center cut, pointed ends., less specific density.
  • Cup – TEpi – Low to medium acidity, well rounded with smooth often taste.
  • Bebeka – Light acidity, medium to good body.
  • Export – washed Tepi grade 2, washed Bebeka grade 2.
  • Sun-dried as forest coffee, Bulk with Jimma, and nowadays sell as name of UG(Under-grade coffee)