RAZEL International Trading Pvt. Ltd. co was born on March 10, 2007, out of the united will of five Ethiopian entrepreneurs that the company informed as Private Limited Company.  They have matured members of the business community.  RAZEL was incorporated with the business objective of serving Hospitality Institutions/Organizations.

Universities, hospital and Other Education Establishments

Projects such as Health Establishments, Power Supply and other Mega Projects

The Manufacturing Industry – Mainly Food & Beverage, Hence We serve Breweries and Catering Companies

The service Industry - Mainly the Hospitality, other Government & Non Government Services


We Serve the needs of the Manufacturing & Service industry with adequate & quality supply of products & Services.

We Consult on your Investment regarding our Products and Services.

Our scope of business

Export of coffee, pulses, cereals & spices

Export of coffee, pulses, cereals & spices

Provide Technical Services and Support as Stand Alone & Post Sales

Our strength

We have wide partnership & Service Agreements with Multi National Manufactures, in Europe, US & Asia

We have strong Capital investment in our Business and have a double digit growth Every year

Due to Export business and Diaspora account, we have a very strong access to Forex.

We have established the most trusted business partnerships in Ethiopia in all major Investments, mainly, Universities, Breweries, Hospitals and other Areas in supplying our products and Services.