Welcome to razel plc
Welcome to razel plc
Welcome to razel plc
Welcome to razel plc
Welcome to razel plc

Our Company

We are a “Local – Multi National” establishment operating in Ethiopia to Import and Export company 

• Universities, hospital Beerwewryes and Other Education Establishments
• Projects such as Health Establishments, Power Supply and other Mega Projects

The Manufacturing Industry – Mainly Food & Beverage, Hence We serve Breweries and Catering Companies

• The service Industry – Mainly the Hospitality, other Government & Non Government Services



We provide rapid heat recovery and easy operation rotary ovens that reduce significantly the working time and assure a uniform baking of any type of product.

Kitchen Equipment

Best-performing and most powerful kitchen line. With its powerful burners and sturdy 20/10 work surface, it is the ideal solution for demanding chefs and high-productivity kitchens.

Dividers & Rounders

Equipment that cut a piece of raw dough into small portions and, using an oscillating plate, subsequently roll each piece to obtain balls of the same weight and shape, all in a few seconds.

Draft Beer Towers

New range of beer towers in brass that can be personalized by adding many different textures. Available with 1 to 3 taps, with or without LED illuminated logo.


GREEN POWER generators are designed for versatile applications ranging from building sector to industry and from agriculture to civil protection.


planetary mixers for industrial pastry producers and pastry shops, for the catering sector and for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries


Our Clients